Episode #4, The Story So Far

The episode where Allan and Andrew introduce themselves and talk about the year in theatre so far. We blast through a lot of stuff in this one to get all caught up. Enjoy!

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In this episode, Allan declared that Katie Volkert’s bio in the program for Hay Fever wins as best bio ever. You tell him if he’s right:

Katie was born in the woods of Northern Ontario, and later migrated to the immensely rural Manitoulin Island. Surprisingly, given this history, she is neither a black bear, nor a white-tailed deer; she is a human woman with slightly more theatre experience than either of these animals. She has performed in short vignettes (Patchwork, Vagina Monologues) and has danced in several productions with Manitoulin Island’s Classic School of Dance (City of Dragonfly, Swan Lake). She is honoured to be part of OLT’s hundred-season history - an opportunity not extended to any forest wildlife.

Links to everything we talked about:

Stones in His Pockets
The Secret Mask
Hay Fever
Dog Sees God
Fresh Meat Theatre Festival
How it Works
Survive The House

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Special thanks to the Ottawa Little Theatre for hosting Talking Theatre this week. Check out Agatha Christie’s The Hollow as their 100th Season Continues. It opens October 23rd and runs three weeks.

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  1. Chantale says:

    OLT sold Hayfever as a farce and it is not a farce. Guess they thought it better marketing. Comedy of ill manners…plain and simple. Director didn’t see it as a farce either..i should know i live with him.

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