Even more theatre at the Gladstone for the 2012 season.

With the 2011/2012 theatre season winding down it’s time to look ahead to what’s in store for Ottawa in 2012/2013. Three of Ottawa’s most prominent theatre companies have announced their plans for the coming year and this is one in a series of articles outlining what you can expect from them over the next twelve months. Next up:

The Gladstone Announces Even More Collaboration and a Year Round Season.


In 2011, The Gladstone Theatre picked up some new management. The theatre was set to be run in collaboration by several of Ottawa’s independent theatre companies, including Plosive Pictures and SevenThirty Productions. In the upcoming 2012/2013 season, they’re increasing their collaborative entrepreneurship by welcoming back Black Sheep Theatre and newly welcoming Bear & Co to their stage.

[Read up on the upcoming season for The Great Canadian Theatre Company and The Ottawa Little Theatre.]

All four companies will put on shows at The Gladstone in the 2012/2013 season. That will amount to eight shows by the four companies, including what may end up being the most anticipated show in Ottawa over the next seven months: Dr. Horrible, the stage adaptation of Joss Whedon & Company’s immensely popular (especially in geek & internet culture) musical, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

Here’s the full season breakdown:

STONES IN HIS POCKETS, by Mary Jones, running September 7th through  September 29th, produced by SevenThirty Productions and directed by John P. Kelly.

We open our season with this world-famous comedy by the writer of A Night in November which made SevenThirty a force in Ottawa six years ago. The dynamic duo of Richard Gélinas and Zach Counsil return to The Gladstone following up on their stunning performances as the two Clowns in last year’s opener The 39 Steps. Visit with us a film-set in rural Ireland as two actors create a host of hilarious yet moving characters.

HOW IT WORKS, by Daniel MacIvor, running October 5th through October 20th, produced by Plosive Productions and directed by Stewart Matthews.

A heartwarming tale told with humour and love, about reinventing family and the healing power of storytelling. Well known to local audiences for Marion Bridge, This Is What Happens Next and Communion, MacIvor’s works have earned him Governor General, Chalmers, Dora and Genie Awards and the Siminovitch Prize. How It Works maintains MacIvor’s impeccable standard, “a wise, witty and warm family drama, shot through with insights.” — The Toronto Star.

NOVEMBER, by David Mamet, running November 21 through  December 8, produced by SevenThirty Productions and directed by John P. Kelly.

November means election time in the US, and the incumbent president’s chances are looking grim—but he won’t go down without the fight of his life! In no-holds barred style, November is a scathingly hilarious take on the state of America and the lengths to which people go to win.    Time to pardon a turkey and change the national dish to tuna! “Maniacally funny” said the Press! We’d also say “for adults only” due to Mr. Mamet’s style!

MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET: THE RADIO SHOW, adapted by Teri Loretto-Valentik, running December 14th through  December 23rd, produced by Plosive Productions and directed by Nicole Milne.

Could the Macy’s department store Santa be the real thing? This holiday season, Plosive takes you back to the Golden Age of Radio with a new adaptation of everyone’s favourite Christmas story, Miracle on 34th Street. This much-loved holiday classic is a treat for families of all ages!

DR. HORRIBLE, adapted from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, running January 16th, through  February 2nd, produced by Black Sheep Theatre and directed by Dave Dawson.

A live-adaptation of the musical comedy internet sensation from Joss Whedon (Toy Story, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, The Avengers). A love story for supervillains. An instant cult classic.

BILLY BISHOP GOES TO WAR, by John Gray, running February 8th through  February 23rd, produced by Plosive Productions and directed by Teri Loretto-Valentik.

One of Canada’s most popular stage plays comes to The Gladstone in February. This musical about Canada’s flying ace brought Gray the 1981 Los Angeles Drama Critics’ Award, the 1982 Chalmers Canadian Play Award, and the 1983 Governor General’s Award for drama. Directed by Teri Loretto-Valentik and starring Chris Ralph as 18 characters and featuring a live piano player, this is one show you don’t want to miss!

ABSURD PERSON SINGULAR, by Alan Ayckburn, running March 5th through  March 23rd, produced by SevenThirty Productions and directed by John P. Kelly.

It’s four seasons now since The Gladstone burst onto the Ottawa scene with Sir Alan’s classic How the Other Half Loves. Absurd Person Singular is the next piece he created in his long career as the UK’s most successful writer of comedy of the late 20th century and it will have you laughing in the aisles as much as our Gladstone opener! Follow a similar crazy bunch of characters over three consecutive Christmas parties! We will give you Christmas all over again in March 2013!

THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, by William Shakespeare, running April 19th through  May 4th, produced by Bear & Co and directed by Eleanor Crowder.

Shakespeare’s most outrageous comedy, like you’ve never seen it before. First comes love, then comes marriage? Not according to William Shakespeare. First you’ve got to tame the bride, but what if she plays rough? Treat her like a man, of course. Let the battle begin.

For more info, including ticket purchases, visit TheGladstone.ca or contact their box office. You can also download the subscription form right here.

What are you looking forward to on this list? Or, now that we’ve posted the seasons for the big three, what are you looking most forward to seeing in the next year? And it doesn’t have to be just from the lists we posted. I know people who are really looking forward to Orpheus’ upcoming production of Footloose in the fall.

My top three have to be Dr. Horrible, OLT’s Noises Off, and GCTC’s 3rd annual Undercurrents Festival.

Tell me what you’re looking forward to in the comments below.

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