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VALERIE’S REVIEW: The Bike Trip @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Martin Dockery tells you all about his trip to Switzerland to recreate the first ever LSD trip – with some pit stops in India, San Francisco and a middle school dance along the way.

Should you see it?

FourThe Bike Trip isn’t just a drug story; it’s about something deeper than that. It’s about how sometimes, you just need to do something crazy to have important realizations about yourself. It’s a strange tale of drug use and human connection, and Dockery’s life-changing experiences with LSD

I didn’t want The Bike Trip to end. I didn’t even see the 70 minutes fly by. I think Martin Dockery could tell me what he had for breakfast and I would be riveted, sitting at the edge of my seat. Dockery has an infectious energy as he dances around the stage, waving his arms in a complicated choreography. It’s like he’s trying to sculpt locations, people and stories out of thin air using only his body. The Bike Trip is entertaining, uproariously funny and surprisingly moving. If you want to see a master storyteller at work, this is the show to see.


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