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ALLAN’S REVIEW: Superhero Showdown @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Rock the Arts is bringing puppets to the Ottawa Fringe festival. It’s a children’s show that Tillie (one of the puppet characters) guarantees will make all the parents laugh who are dragged along.

Should you see it?

ThreeSuperhero Showdown is the latest children’s puppet show from Rock the Arts. They asked their fans what they should include in their next show and then they went and built the show around it, putting together Superhero Showdown, the story of Tillie, Kevin, and Megan who want to be superheroes.

Tillie and Kevin are puppets, Megan is human, most of the time. They all want to be superheroes, or perhaps they already are. Megan is Tillie and Kevin’s sitter and Superhero Showdown is each of the three of them telling a pre-bedtime imagination story.

The three stories are all separate from one another and each focuses on demonstrating some admirable human quality such as compassion and perseverance. Remember, it’s a children’s show so there are lessons to be learned.

Rock the Arts 2 (Courtesy Rock the Arts)Ultimately, Superhero Showdown is simply a fun 35 minutes for children in age or in heart. It does a good job entertaining its target age range with cool puppetry and jokes, very simple stories, and a positive message. Three stories demonstrating individual traits, then a recap means a lot to remember for younger minds (and perseverance is a pretty big word) and might dilute the message but it’s fun regardless. And for the grown-ups, dads and moms and other guardians, there’s enough cute jokes in there for you as well. As long as you have a heart of any kind, you’ll enjoy yourself at Superhero Showdown. Two lucky parentals will even get to be part of the show.

Rock the Arts’ Superhero Showdown is a fun three. A four if you’re under the age of nine.

But that’s just my opinion and I’d love to know what you think? Have you ever seen a Rock the Arts show before? How does this stack up? Did your children leave entertained? Tell me in the comments below.

For more information about Superhero Showdown, including video promo, and links to other media, check out our preview article.

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