REVIEW: R U Smarter Than an Irishman @ Ottawa Fringe 2012

Paddy McCullagh’s R U Smarter Than an Irishman is a game-show styled show that pits Paddy and the Irish-descended audience members against the rest of the audience in a battle of wits.

Performer and Irishman, Paddy McCullagh, tells you why you should see it:

Trouble watching the video? Watch directly on Youtube.

In some parts of the world, the Irish have a reputation for being slow. Well, Paddy McCullagh has decided to prove that wrong in his one man show, “R U Smarter Than an Irishman”. In it, he incorporates his offbeat sense of humor, some magic tricks, some stories about his past and a little audience participation for good measure. The show acts like a sort of game show with McCullagh trying to use his magic and practical jokes to outsmart the audience and prove that the Irish are smarter than they look. The show is good fun and McCullagh is a deft performer. He has a natural likability and charisma.

As I said, there is heavy audience participation, so how much you get out of it might depend on the audience.  That’s the reason you’re going to want to go see it. You might even get a shot of whiskey, which is pretty cool. And if he asks you for a twenty, be sure to ask him for it back. R U Smarter than an Irishman is a good ’ole time and earns itself a 3.

Kurt Shantz

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