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VALERIE’S REVIEW: My Second Smile @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

My Second Smile is the strange but true story of Noah Spitzer and his secret brush with thyroid cancer. It’s the tale of a boy who uses his overactive imagination to make it through a tough time.

Should you see it?

FourA boy is confined to his room for three days after taking a radioactive pill under a doctor’s orders. He tells you all about how he got there – using some humor, his tendency to let his imagination get carried away and some pretty sweet dance moves. This is a show that will definitely connect with anyone who’s been through a similar experience or knows someone who has. Spitzer understands my fear of doctors, and I greatly enjoyed his caricatures of the ones who cared for him during his ordeal. Spitzer really does have the restless energy of a boy trapped in his room; despite being the only performer he knows how to fill the large space.

The one issue I had with My Second Smile is that its non-linear structure occasionally gets confusing. However, it’s worth seeing this energetic and funny show about a boy and how he got his scar.

But that’s just my opinion and I’d love to know what you think. Let me know in the comments below!

My Second Smile runs June 25th, 27th and 30th For more information and to purchase tickets, check out the Ottawa Fringe website.

Photo courtesy of  Lauren Passander via The Ottawa Fringe Festival.


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