The Great Canadian Theatre Company presents MERZ

Concurrent with the Edward Curtis Project opening this week, the GCTC will be featuring a three-night run of MERZ, a fundraiser for the GCTC’s Capital Campaign Building Fund.

MerzPeter Froehlich’s one-man-show MERZ is a collage of poetry and stories penned by the eccentric and iconic artist Kurt Schwitters. Schwitters’ literary creations are the collected fragments of sound and language which his society suppressed or ignored, sneezes, stutterings, meaningless syllables — made into poetry.

The first half is woven from his shorter performance pieces. It includes the Cough Scherzo, The Complete Sneezing, and The Causes and Outbreak of the Grand and Glorious Revolution in Revon. The second half of the evening is a performance of the iconic Ursonate, a soaring 52 minute poem without a single intelligible word.

A fundraiser for Great Canadian Theatre Company Capital Campaign Building Fund.

The show runs from April 3rd to 5th at the Studio Theatre of the Great Canadian Theatre Company. Tickets for the show are $25, with discounts for seniors and students. They can be purchased online at the GCTC website, by calling 613.236.5196, or in person at the box office at 1233 Wellington Street West.

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Preview article prepared by: Reena Belford, with information and photo from the GCTC.

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