REVIEW: Late Night Cabaret @ Ottawa Fringe 2012

Late Night Cabaret is a variety style showcase of performances from various artists around Fringe.

How do you review a show like the Late Night Cabaret? A show that, by its design, changes completely every night means it’s pretty hard for us to tell you what you can expect if you see it.

Effectively, what the Late Night Cabaret does is invite three or four performers or groups of performers from Fringe to either show off part of their show, or perform some other kind of performance based on their skills and performance stylings. The show runs every single night of Fringe with a different line-up every night. We were there opening night, the 14th, and saw Katherine Glover do some story-telling, Pollux Dance troupe showing off their dance skills with a small part of their show, Heterollectual, and Christopher Bange of The Fat Guy Show, entertaining the small audience with some magic tricks.

If there’s complaint to be made, it’s that there wasn’t more. And, really, I guess there is. Since every night is totally different, you could literally see this show every night of Fringe without strictly seeing anything twice. The detriment to you, Fringers with day jobs, is that every show starts at 11:15pm. Maybe catch it on the weekend?

What did you think? Did you catch the cabaret? Who performed on the night you were there and what did you like? Tell us in the comments below.

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Allan Mackey

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