REVIEW: I’m Not Crying in the Bathroom… @ Ottawa Fringe 2012

Lady Business’s I’m Not Crying in the Bathroom, I’m Crying in the Supply Closet, is an all-woman sketch comedy show. Should you see it?

I’m Not Crying in the Bathroom is a sketch comedy show by Laura Bonang, Alexandra Hurley and Deborah Ring. The show has material from all kinds of subjects, such as women struggling to make it in the work place, telling you why you should never flirt with fat girls and, my personal favorite, an ode to Brunch. I know humor is subjective, but myself, and the friend I was with were laughing our eyes out. The ladies are all graduates of the Second City and are extremely talented comediennes. And there’s nothing really bad I can say about it. The actresses are great at playing roles too and their comedic timing is good. I’m Not Crying in the Bathroom is great if you’re in to sketch comedy and easily earns itself a four.

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Kurt Shantz

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