Kanata Theatre presents Harvey

Kanata Theatre brings to the stage the play made famous by the 1950 movie version starring James Stewart, in which the lead character (thought to be under the influence of alcohol, mental illness or both) has an invisible rabbit for a friend.

HarveyElwood P. Dowd is a laid-back, charming, friendly, generous, and generally cheerful middle-aged man. The only problem? His best friend is a six foot tall invisible rabbit!

Join us in this classic, warm-hearted 1944 Pulitzer prize-winning comedy, as relevant today as when it was written, while it tries to deal with the age-old issue of how much happiness and imagination do we give up in order to conform to societal expectations.

Harvey is written by Mary Chase and directed by Peter Williams.  It features Meghan Duncan, Katie Betts Buller, Doug MacDonald, Robin Thomas, Susan Monaghan, Jenny Brooks, Aaron Lajeunesse, Geoff Williams, Jim Clarke, Tracey Nash, Lionel King and Derek Barr.

The show runs from March 26-30 and April 2-6 at 8:00 pm at the Ron Maslin Playhouse.  Tickets are $20 and can be purchased by phone at 613-831-4435 or at the box office.

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Preview article prepared by: Reena Belford, with information and photo from Kanata Theatre.

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