Life at Fringe, Day 6 Recap

A day late, perhaps, but here’s the day six recap, along with a great vlog featuring actors from Fishbowl, White Noise, and Space Mystery from Outer Space.

Trouble with the video? Watch directly on YouTube.

In this vlog, Matthew talks to Mark Shyzer about Fishbowl, Allan sits down with some of the lovely cast of White Noise to talk about their show and why it’s an important story to tell, and Allan also talks to Marissa Caldwell, the beautiful femme fatale of Space Mystery from Outer Space.

If you’re not familiar with the vlog “style” of video-journalism, see the brief note in day one’s article for an explanation.

I did a bunch more promo spots there on day six, including a couple I botched the first time. (Sorry again.) Then, I forgot my media pass, so had to go home and get it which meant I missed Danti-Dan again — day eight looks like the day. I did however, get to see a couple of shows that had been on my must see list since day 1: Alien Predator: The Musical, and Space Mystery from Outer Space. Alien Predator was as entertaining as I’d hoped, and Space Mystery may just be the first 5 rated play of Fringe. It really is worth the hype.

Kurt checked out and enjoyed both Fishbowl and Hard Times. Matthew only saw The Fat Guy Show before heading home. It was a light schedule day because we were planning to shoot the video reviews when we still thought that was feasible. Personally, I like it better this way. And not only because it means a slightly less insane amount of work.

Anyhow, we pulled Mark Shyzer aside during the shoot of the promo spots so Matthew could talk to him about his very popular show, Fishbowl, after which I spent some time chatting with Christina and Margaret, the ladies from Twisted by Design who are presenting White Noise. After that I left the camera with Matthew and Kurt while I went to my shows. I met up with Kurt afterwards to close things off which led to a great behind the scenes story that went kind of like this:

Allan: Did you or Matthew talk to anybody interesting?
Kurt: I don’t know if Matthew did, but I didn’t.
Allan: That means no.
- At which point I turn around to see the lovely Marissa Caldwell on her way out of Arts Court and ask her to chat with us to make sure we’ll have enough awesomeness for the vlog.
Kurt: That’s not fair. I have the camera for three hours and nobody, and you-
Allan: Very quickly find one of the most beautiful actresses at Fringe to talk to?

Which leads directly into Marissa’s segment of our day six vlog.
(Note. I was right, and Matthew hadn’t talked to anybody on camera since I talked to Christina and Margaret.)

Anyway, that’s day six. Sorry it’s a bit late but as you can see, the reviews are going up quickly now that we’ve scrapped full videos. Processing the promo spots is slowing down the vloggery but once I’m caught up tonight, everything oughtta be smooth again.Day seven will be uploading while I’m at Fringe today (day 8) and reviews will continue to pour out. The nice thing is having already edited it, I can tell you the day seven vlog sees us chatting with Matt Minter of Don’t Make Me Zealous, Karina Milech of This is Today, and the very popular and wonderful Sandrine Lafond of Little Lday.

Remember, if you see me - or especially Kurt - with the camera, come up and say hi. Only a few days left to talk to us about your show and your Fringe experience. In the meantime, what’s on the top of your must see list still? Tell me in the comment below. Please. It’s kind of lonely when nobody comments. ;)

See ya around Fringe.


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