REVIEW: Fear Factor: Canine Edition

John Grady tells the true story of a man and his dog; about love, loss, and overcoming. Should you see it?

Fear Factor: Canine Edition is a one man show by John Grady with a very simple story and concept. It is a reference to the Fear Factor episodes where couples compete. Grady makes some connections between this and a relationship in his life that was very close to his heart. Essentially, this is a story about his dog, Abby. The show is very simple. No set or props. No complex choreography. It’s just a series of monologues about Grady and the times he spent with his dog. But the stories have a perfect balance of being humorous, heartwarming and tragic. On top of that is Grady’s natural performance. He hits every joke and is also very emotional when the time comes.

It may not seem like much, but it works really well. Fear Factor: Canine Edition is one of the strongest and most moving shows in the festival. As I left the theatre, I saw men, grown men, leaving the theatre with their faces welling up and tears in their eyes. It really is one of the best shows I’ve seen so far and you should definitely see it. I give it a 5.

Kurt Shantz

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Kurt Shantz is a Theatre and Scriptwriting graduate and an occasional Should You See It reviewer. He currently works as a warehouse clerk, but has big aspirations of someday achieving his dream of becoming a senior warehouse clerk. He's also been known to write on occasion.

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