Red. Collective presents Dog Sees God

Red.Collective is one of Ottawa’s newer theatre companies, and they’re presenting a full season of shows as the resident company in Saw Gallery. Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead, at the end of this month, is show number two. 

From their official press release:

Dog Sees God, presented by Red.CollectiveDog Sees God is an “unauthorized parody” of the Peanut characters as teenagers.  This dark comedy deals with sex, drugs, peer pressure and bullying: everything that teenagers deal with in high school. As we “grow up” to prepare ourselves for the hard, unforgiving world, the simple comforts of childhood are taken away, and we are forced to deal with situations and issues that seem foreign to us.   This play contains, coarse language, mature subject matter, dark humour, and bold statements of sexuality; everything overheard in the hallways of local high schools. Dog Sees God is a play that does not hide the truth about “teenagehood” behind a glossy surface.  It brings to light the real issues that are found in all high schools, and is a must-see for teenagers and the Ottawa community alike.

Dog Sees God stars David Rowan, Caitlin McNamee, Liam Murphy, Will Lafrance, Mina Delic, Dan DeMarbre, Rachel Gilmore, Shelby Fairbaim. Directed by Laura Young, it will be presented at Saw Gallery  (67 Nicholas Street) from September 27th through September 30th. Shows start at 7:30pm and tickers are $15 with discounts for students. Tickets can be purchased in advance by emailing red•collective©hotmail•com

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What do you think? Will you be attending Dog Meets God? Did you attend Red.Collective’s show earlier this year? Tell me in the comments below.

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