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VALERIE’S REVIEW: Disillusion @ Ottawa Fringe 2013

Disillusion plays out like a twisted version of Groundhog Day, minus the comedy. It’s a surprisingly intense and dark short play that asks questions about the meaning of justice.

Should you see it?


FourPrison guard Erik Abbott finds himself living the last moments of several death row prisoners he’s interacted with during his career. He must come to terms with the actions that have trapped him in this loop.

The staging of Disillusion is really cool, with appropriately creepy sound effects and lighting. The quick transitions between scenes effectively communicates the disorientation of the main character and the dream-like atmosphere.

Disillusion gets a little heavy-handed with its message and dialogue towards the end, but it mostly blurs the lines of morality in an interesting way. The performances are effective, especially Jake William Smith in the lead role. It’s worth seeing for the discussions it might inspire after the show.

But that’s just my opinion and I’d love to know what you think. Tell me in the comments below!

For more information on Disillusion, check out our preview article.



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