A Walk with Mr. McGee presented by Obviously, a Theatre Company

A Walk with Mr. McGee, presented by Obviously, A Theatre Company in association with the Bytown Museum, is a Canadian Drama based on the true story of D’Arcy McGee.

The play was written by Talish Zafar and is directed by Dillon Orr and will be presented Wednesdays through Saturdays from July 4th until July 14th (two weeks) at 8pm every night at the Bytown Museum, 1 Canal Lane. That’s right on the canal, between Parliament Hill and the Chateau Laurier hotel. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students and seniors. (Note: tickets purchased at the door must be paid in cash.)

A Walk with Mr. McGee stages the tragic story of our prophetic founding father, Thomas D’Arcy McGee. In the last moments of his life, he meets three mysterious ladies who take him back to relive the great moments that would change the path of his life and that of the country he so loved.

Starring: Alexandra Janvier, Erin Lindsay, Jean-Nicolas Masson, and Elizabeth McIelwain

For more information, and to reserve tickets in advance, please visit Obviously, A Theatre Company’s official website.

You can also download their press release for more information on the creative team behind A Walk With Mr. McGee, Obviously, A Theatre Company, and the Bytown Museum.

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