REVIEW: Translations

Production Ottawa review for Translations

Brian Friel’s Translations sees a small Irish town put upon by British soldiers who are there to create a new map of the area with anglicized names. Former resident of the town, Owen, has been hired by the Bristish to act as translator and facilitator for the job, putting him right in the middle of the ensuing conflict. Should you see it?

REVIEWS from Undercurrents

Undercurrents-And Then it Happens-2s

The Great Canadian Theatre Company’s Undercurrents festival lives up to its subtitle, “theatre below the mainstream” as it delivers six unique shows, most of which you’re only ever likely to catch on the festival circuit. Six shows means six reviews. Which ones should you see?

OLT and Tara Players Present Translations

Production Ottawa preview of Translation, presented by the Ottawa Little Theatre

Translations, presented in concert by the Ottawa Little Theatre and Tara Players, is set in a small town in Ireland*, where British soldiers are coming in to make a new map and effectively anglicize the country. Is there time for love or friendship in a fight to preserve your culture? We’ve got a video preview!

Funnies: WINDCAST (Feb)


Windcast, produced by Valley Wind Productions, is a regular feature of Production Ottawa, with new, funny videos posted at the beginning of every month.

Theatre Below the Mainstream

undercurrents feature copy

Celebrating theatre below the mainstream, the second-annual Undercurrents festival presents six unique shows of all stripes over a nearly two week period at the Great Canadian Theatre Company. Learn about the Undercurrents festival on Production Ottawa.

Movies: Yay or Nay Monthly


Should You See It is a movie review podcast produced by Production Ottawa to let you know what’s worth your very-in-demand time or money. Every month they talk about a specific topic on their mind and recap what’s worth looking at in theatres in the coming month.

REVIEW: Cyrano de Bergerac

cyrano de bergerac

Hercule Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac is a classic tragic hero. Master swordsman and master wordsmith alike with no shortage of panache and bravado. Hercule Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac is also a classic man in the friend-zone when the woman he loves, Roxanne, asks him to take the man she loves under his protection. Should you see it?

A Hot Seat for Emerging Playwrights


For almost 10 years, the Algonquin College Scriptwriting program has thrown their emerging scriptwriters into the hot seat in a furnace they call Hot House. This public event is a chance to see and support the work of emerging scriptwriters working their way through the program when their work is presented in the hands of professional actors.

The Zombie Apocalypse Comes to Ottawa

Zombie Night in Canada.

Have you been noticing the smell of decaying flesh lately? That could be the sweet smell of all the zombies local director Brett Kelly is bringing to town. In an effort to raise funds for his latest movie, “My Fair Zombie”, Kelly has teamed up with the Mayfair theatre for a night of zombie-themed mayhem headlined by Kelly’s own 2005 cult-hit, “My Dead Girlfriend”. Learn more about the impending apocalypse on Production Ottawa.