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REVIEW: Blood on the Moon

REIVEW: Blood on the Moon

Writer and performer Pierre Brault first performed Blood on the Moon on a Fringe stage in 1999. From there, he did runs at the National Arts Centre three years in a row, toured across Canada, took the show to Ireland, and did an on camera presentation of the show for Bravo. That alone tells you the one thing you need to know: see this show at the GCTC while you can. Should you see it?

GCTC Presents Blood on the Moon

Preview: Blood on the Moon @ GCTC

In 1868, one of the father’s of confederation, Thomas D’Arcy McGee was shot on his way home after a late night session in parliament. James Patrick Whelan was arrested, tried, and (possibly erroneously) hung for the crime. All his happened here in Ottawa and it’s the subject of Pierre Brault’s enormously popular one-man show - Blood on the Moon. We’ve got the preview!

REVIEW: Lost in Yonkers

REVIEW: Lost in Yonkers

Picture the most dysfunctional family you can think of. Maybe yours. Now kick them out of the picture and make way for the family in Lost in Yonkers. In Neil Simon’s Pulitzer prize winning coming-of-age comedy, Simon takes a hard look at this family through the eyes of 13 and 15 year old Jay and Arty who suddenly have to spend ten months living with their estranged grandma while their dad is on the road. Should you see it?

Editorial: So here it is.

Production Ottawa: If we're not covering it, it's not happening.

This city has an enormous and growing amount of talent at all levels of production. But what’s happening is practically a segregation of information sources, making it harder and harder to get the information you want as the amount of information worth knowing continues to grow and making half the battle is tracking down the information. And it shouldn’t be that hard.

Movie Making in the Fast Lane

oiff feature

It takes a long time to make a movie, usually to the tune of years. Looking to test the limits of creation, ingenuity, and sheer ability-to-get-it-done-ness of Ottawa filmmakers, the offices of the Ottawa International Film Festival present their latest 72-hour Film Challenge. That’s right, three days.

OLT presents Lost in Yonkers

OLT Presents Lost in Yonkers

Two young boys are dropped off at their estranged grandmother’s house after their father gets in deep with the loan sharks. Then they learn granny might have thousands of dollars hiding somewhere. That’s the set-up for Neil Simon’s pullitzer-prize winning comedy “Lost in Yonkers” opening at the Ottawa Little Theatre on January 10th. We’ve got the preview.

A look into Wonderland

A look at Valley Wind Productin's latest project.

Ottawa production company, Valley Wind Productions is taking a reimagined and grown-up Alice from Lewis Carroll’s classic stories on a new adventure through the Looking Glass in their latest production, Legend of the Looking Glass. We look at the teaser-styled prologue they shot in late 2011