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REVIEW: A Midwinter’s Dream Tale

REVIEW: A Midwinter's Dream Tale

Two clowns -Pommefrites and Restes- quest for ice cream in a gorgeous winter wonderland when they get caught up in a Shakespearean-styled drama in the Fairy Kingdom dealing with adultery, revenge, and monsters. It sounds dark but its fairies and clowns — so it’s actually hilarious. Should you see it?

REVIEW: I Hate Hamlet

REVIEW: I Hate Hamlet

Andrew Rally is a washed-up TV-actor who finds himself cast in the role of Hamlet and visited by the ghost of one of the most prolific Hamlets of all time: John Barrymore, whose job is to help get him ready. Only problem? Andrew doesn’t really want to play Hamlet and Barrymore can’t leave until he does. Should you see it?

The GCTC presents A Midwinter’s Dream Tale

The GCTC Presents A Midwinter's Dream Tale

Fun, frolic, faeries, and ice cream. What’s not to love about the Great Canadian Theatre Company’s presentation of A Company of Fool’s production of A Midwinter’s Dream Tale: a comedic mash-up of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and A Winter’s Tale. A Midwinter’s Dream Tale opens at the GCTC this week. We’ve got the preview.