REVIEW: Whispering Pines

REVIEW: Whispering Pines

The Great Canadian Theatre Company presents the world premiere of Whispering Pines. Written by Ottawa native and former resident playwright Richard Sanger, Whispering Pines explores a series of themes that range from love and loss to governmental control and betrayal. Should you see it?

REVIEW: Dr. Cook’s Garden

REVIEW: Dr. Cook's Garden

OTTAWA THEATRE REVIEW: Let’s say you could create the perfect community. The perfect town. Weed out the bad; keep the good, garden until you have perfection. What would the limits be? How would you choose who to keep and whom to remove? Ottawa Little Theatre’s latest production: Dr. Cook’s Garden attempts to answer that question. Should you see it?

REVIEW: Speed the Plow

REIVEW: Speed the Plow

Fuck money and fuck things, but never fuck people. Plosive Production’s Speed the Plow is a play about making movies. Running at the Gladstone until October 22, 2011, we’ve got the answer to the question: Should You See It?